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We worked with the Business Heads and CEOs of new business lines to build their senior teams for cloud kitchens, venue aggregator, and international expansion teams. Talent was recruited from consulting, consumer, hospitality industries using personal network amongst other channels. Some of the roles were based out of Europe.

We worked with the CHRO to help hire for a strategy role in HR. This was a senior role and involved mapping more than 60 companies and screening 90 candidates.

Worked closely with the Founders and the CHRO to place the Chief Operating Officer (COO), CMO, CFO, Chief of Strategy, Chief of Staff, Senior VPs in the HR team amongst other senior roles

Focus was on bringing in a strategic and very important hire

Worked closely with the Founder to identify the COO on track to co-founder status. The board was also very closely involved in the final selection. Thus, there was tremendous effort spent on consensus building amongst stakeholders

We are working with the founding team and have built out the top deck – Chief Product Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Heads of Operations, Chief of Customer Service and multiple roles at VP levels

Worked with the CEO to understand the organization strategy and direction, basis which target organization mapping was done. Ensured the candidate was engaged throughout the long hiring process and ultimately onboarded.

Bought in consulting talent into the HR team to spearhead organization transformation. Helped them bring non airline and digital talent. Worked on the revamp for marketing team.

We tapped into our extensive executive network within the FMCG space to identify fast trackers who would fit into the young leadership team while also contributing in building a solid sales and distribution organisation.

Working with the CEO we concluded that given the scale of the transition we need to split the role into two. Recruited a Chief Product Officer (CPO) and a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) from tech-enabled consumer companies that were operating at scale.

We worked with the Sequoia team and the CEO to fill critical roles as the company transformed from a retail player to a mix of retail and online brand. We recruited the top team - Head of R&D, Head of Product and Brand, Head of e-commerce, Head of Supply Chain and Head D2C.

This was one of the most important roles for the organization as this candidate would have been a crucial part of the leadership team and drive any interventions the company makes for managing the health of the members. This is a highly specialized talent pool, with very few criteria fits. We used our connections and deep understanding of the health care market to headhunt the perfect candidates

Worked with Founder and promoter team for building the senior management team across - nursing and medical leaders, regional leaders, business heads and marketing talent. Leveraged our in-depth knowledge of the talent pool to ensure industry and diversity mix in the final placements

They needed a seasoned marketing person. We looked at talent from the FMCG, Financial Services and Retail space. The final placement was an experienced candidate who had multi-industry exposure. The varied experience across industries suggested an agility to learn and adjust well to an unorthodox industry like healthcare.

The final placement was a Regional Business Head with a leading single specialty chain, who had previously held roles in Business Development and Sales in healthcare delivery and healthcare consumables industry.

Priority was to bring in the right person for the role as quickly as possible. The search had been on for a few months before we got involved. Worked with the Chief Product Officer and closed the position by leveraging our strong connects in the engineering talent pool.

With the technology in its nascent stage, there is limited talent in India. Search solved through deep understanding of the requirement and presenting a qualified talent pool across India and other geographies

The market is dominated by 3-4 very large players which were promoter driven and did not have any senior personnel. Search solved through complete mapping of the industry talent pool and leveraging strong industry connects

Challenge was to bring in someone who has relationships with large, global clients yet is able to work in a start-up like environment. Attraction to a small company was a big hurdle. Final placement was a London based sales professional with 15+ years of experience working with the target client accounts

We hired talent from Digital Natives. We are working with the App and the Web Product teams as the company builds an integrated product platform that offers an omni-channel experience to the customer. We have worked on over 30 roles such as Monetization Head, Product Heads and Leaders, Growth and Performance Marketing Heads across the three teams.

Client was rapidly expanding his team, we worked closely with the Founder, CEO to bring in a Category Head for their credit card product and for Head of Growth Marketing

We worked with Sequoia on helping our client find CTO and CPO candidates. Candidates from both fin-tech and non fin-tech companies were evaluated. Primary criteria was that they should have worked on solving B2C problems at scale

With the technology in its nascent stage, there is limited talent in India. Search solved through deep understanding of the requirement and presenting a qualified talent pool across India and other geographies

Worked with the CEO and the promoter to hire a Group Chief Financial Officer. The search was successfully completed through a deep understanding of the requirements and exhaustive mapping of a large set of qualified talent pool. The final screened candidates presented were closed within 6 profiles.

Leading Technology Printed Circuit Board supplier for various Electronic Industries like EV was looking to hire Head of Operations.

Worked with the MD to map a niche skillset which was needed for this role which would have a very specific experience. The search was successfully completed with final closing candidates within 3 profiles, after the mapping and screening.

Focus was on bringing the head for a very strategic vertical for the company. With the technology in its nascent stage, there is limited talent in India. Search solved through deep understanding of the requirement and presenting qualified talent pool across India and other geographies. Our work with them continues as they build out their Alternate Fuel team

Worked closely with the co-founder to identify the right talent pool and mapped talent in consulting firms working in sustainability. Targeted talent that has hands-on experience in end-to-end sustainability finance practice to find the closing candidate.

Worked closely with the CHRO to identify the right talent for the roles, mandate was to find someone from outside Auto and IT industries. For the HR roles our focus was on ensuring a culture fit. The CEO was closely involved in the hiring of the SVP – Finance, to make sure that the right person was hired in order to maintain healthy investor relations

Focus was on infusing the right mix of talent at a leadership level. Worked closely with the CEO to identify the right fit to head the Operations and Maintenance of upcoming projects for the organization. The investors were closely involved in the final selection, hence there was tremendous effort spent on consensus building amongst stakeholders.

Worked with the Founder to identify the COO, the apparent Number 2 at the firm on track to co-founder status. Final candidate came from FMCG with a marketing background.

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