Board Advisory

Finding and developing leadership talent for organization boards

In these times of rapid velocity of change and innovation, the expectation from the board of directors of a company has also evolved. Shareholders expect the members of the board to take on a more active role beyond oversight and scrutiny. 

The days of inducting board members based on personal networks are behind us. At Ishwa consulting, we help you find high performing Directors for your Board and enable them tocreate impact on financial performance and generate shareholder value.


Board Advisory

Our portfolio of services includes board assessment and evaluation, search and recruitment of non-executive directors, formation and recruitment of advisory boards.

CEO Advisory

We work with the promoter and/ or the company board on the search for the right CEO. Once we help bring on the right CEO we assist in their onboarding, senior team integration and work with them as their coach.

Case studies

Building an expert advisory board to enable scaling

Our client was a retail player in luxury apparel wear. The firm wanted to build an advisory board with a cross section of experts in different areas to help them chart their future growth and gain a larger market share in the country. Ishwa assembled an advisory board of industry experts in the areas of Retail Operations, Marketing and Branding and Investing.

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